"Susan’s passion for children and knowledge in stuttering is evident.  With the consistent communication and her wealth of knowledge she has become a great asset to our family."
-mother of school-age boy who stutters
What is Freedom to Speak?

Freedom to Speak is a specialized speech therapy practice designed specifically for people with disorders of fluency; most commonly, stuttering and cluttering.

Stuttering is a complex, multidimensional problem. Because of this and the breadth of stuttering symptoms, it requires an individualized treatment plan that is tailored to the needs of each individual. Ms. Cochrane incorporates the most recent research findings in creating and developing an effective therapy plan, made specifically for each client and family.  Modification of how stuttering is viewed and how one thinks about himself as a speaker, as well as deliberately implementing small changes to  speech production, creates a confidence necessary for powerful communicative interactions.

What we do.


In addition to designing treatment to meet specific needs, various delivery models are also available including; individual and group treatment, teletherapy, and various designs of intensive treatment options. Freedom to Speak offers two locations for your convenience including; upstate New York (Fingerlakes region), and Cape Coral Florida (conveniently settled between Naples and Sarasota/Bradenton,  Read more about engaging in stuttering therapy over telecommunications in our treatments section.

Support Groups

Support group meetings are held for people who stutter themselves and also for parents, partners and care-givers. Objectives for these meetings range from learning from one another, benefitting from each person's experiences with stuttering, owning a "safe" place to communicate where one is free to stutter, or to practice forward-moving speaking strategies, to gaining information about the impact of cognition and emotions on speaking, and to building self-esteem and resilience.

The objectives of the parent group are to provide an opportunity for parents to express to one another concerns surrounding stuttering, and gaining information regarding how to best advocate for their child who struggles to speak.


The quantity and scope of communication disorders prevents any one speech/language pathologist from specializing in all areas of the field.  Freedom to Speak offers consultative services to colleagues in the field who request more information about stuttering.  Ms. Cochrane offers assistance with assessment, treatment and basic education about fluency and fluency disorders.

Lectures & Workshops

Full and half-day conferences can be scheduled for groups of any size.  At these talks, Ms. Cochrane imparts education and information about the nature, assessment and treatment of stuttering.  Contact Susan M. Cochrane for more information and on how to arrange a lecture for your group.


Ms. Cochrane is an ASHA Board Certified Mentor in the field of stuttering. One objective of her practice, Freedom to Speak, is to train speech and language pathologists who also desire to specialize in the area of fluency and fluency disorders.  Colleges, universities and individuals may contact Susan to discuss further details.

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About Susan

Learn more about our founder, Susan Cochrane.

Susan Cochrane is one of approximately 200 Board Certified Specialists treating people with disorders of fluency such as stuttering and cluttering in the United States.  Susan has worked in the field of communication disorders for 37 years.  In 2009 she began specializing specifically in treating those who struggle most with stuttering.   Susan is highly knowledgeable in the field of stuttering (fluency disorders).  She is warm, compassionate and motivational.   Contact Susan to discuss how she may lead you to speak freely, with confidence and enjoyment.

  • Board Certified Specialist in Fluency Disorders
  • Masters Degree in Speech Pathology
  • Licensed in New York and Florida
  • 40 years of experience
  • Served on national boards improving the lives of those who stutter
  • Taught graduate level courses on fluency disorders
  • Speaks professionally on the topic of stuttering and its treatment
  • Owns speech therapy practice dedicated to treating only those who stutter
  • Runs intensive workshops for those who stutter
  • Mentors others to become Board Certified

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