Service delivery models and location of service are clearly two different things.  Service delivery refers to a “style” of treatment.  Freedom To Speak works with you in deciding which style may be most beneficial. These may include; group, individual, telecommunication and/or a mix of these options.

Location of service refers to the address you receive treatment.  Currently, Freedom to Speak has three office locations; Upstate New York (Finger Lakes), Cape Coral, Florida and Naples, Florida. 

Telecommunications is our fourth option and is becoming more and more popular.  A number of factors makes this choice desirable.  First, there are about 200 Board Certified Specialists treating disorders of fluency (stuttering/cluttering) in our Country.  If location prevents you from meeting with a Specialist in-person, this is the way to go for you.  Second, busy life-styles and busy highways, may also be the reason, this selection is most desirable.  

It is important to keep in mind; all choices may be modified, and an eclectic design may be created for your personal needs.

Susan Cochrane

Speech/Language Pathologist; Board Certified Specialist-Fluency

Susan Cochrane is the founder of Freedom to Speak and Speech Pathologist with 36 years experience.