What's New

If you have visited our site in the past, you may have noticed some changes rolling out. Among these is a brand new homepage, an new blog section, as well as some refreshed info on treatment, stuttering and what's new in the world of fluency disorders. Read on to learn a bit more about the new site and layout.

New site, new sections

Outside of a new landing page that highlights some of the more important areas of the site, you will notice the following navigation areas.

  • About Us: Here you can find some background info about our practice and our founder, Susan Cochrane.
  • Stuttering: Learn more about stuttering and fluency disorders and the level o fimpact they can have on you or a loved one.
  • Treatment: Check out more about our treatment options and approaches for a variety of age groups.
  • Blog: This is our new blog, and where most of our updates, articles and musings will occur.
  • Testimonies: Head over hear to see some of the feedback we have gotten over our 36 years in the business.
  • Contact Us: Need to get in touch with us. This page has all the details.

Susan Cochrane

Speech/Language Pathologist; Board Certified Specialist-Fluency

Susan Cochrane is the founder of Freedom to Speak and Speech Pathologist with 36 years experience.